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As a League we are actively seeking opportunities to align ourselves with organizations and charities that reflect our leagues values as well as contributes to the health and well-being of our surrounding community. The GMD's are very excited to be involved with the Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins (ACT) and will be volunteering every third Thursday of the month to assist in the distribution of the Good Food Boxes....




If you are a progressive company with a marketing focus on the edgy consumer, and you want to be aligned with the latest, greatest, toughest women’s sport around, please take a few minutes to review the material contained in this sponsorship package. You will find all the sponsorship details and ways you can be involved in this exciting, bone crushing, blood thirsty and entertaining sport. Click on the below link for sponsorship opportunities.

       The Good Food Box
The program works by increasing the affordability, accessibility and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you face financial barriers to eating well, this is a program that can help!  The program is universally available to the community: anyone can buy in. 

March 17, 2011 - (l-r) Amy, Kelly, Jeff, Erin and Angele lending a hand with the Good Food Boxes at the Native Friendship Center in Timmins.            Photos courtesy of ACT


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