Gold City Roller Girls Vice President, Carolynn Misery Business Cooper presenting checks to our two charities ACT (Anti-Hunger Coalition) and Her Place women shelter. Half the proceeds from our September Slaughter event were split and donated to each charity :)

The Gold Miners' Daughters is a  skater-operated, non-profit Woman's Roller Derby League. Our goal is to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle within a supportive team environment. We will strive to develop positive relationships with local organizations that foster the Heart of Gold Spirit that resides in our community.  

  Where We've Been...

August 6th: The Timmins Gold Miners' Daughters / Fort Freakshow 133, Soonami Slammers/Black Heart Maidens 89! Great GAME!

July 9th: Gold Miners' Daughters took home the gold at the 2011 2Fresh 2 Furious tournament in Toronto with a roster of 11 ladies!!!

GMD do Sportsmanshow!!! April 30 - May 1/11 

What an awesome turnout to the the Sportsmanshow!  The Gold Miners' Daughters had their first major public appearance and totally rocked the crowd! We were able to raise $200 for the ACT charity by raffling off a GoodFood Box!  Thank you for all that showed your support and/or signed up !!!

 SRD - April 16, 2011 

What AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The women of Sault Roller Derby welcomed the GMD's with open arms and so much knowledge and experience that the lessons learned are still sinking in. If you're ever in SAULT STE MARIE - definately look these ladies up! Check out their facebook page by clicking 'Sault Roller Derby (SRD)' .


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